Furnace Maintenance


Check for carbon monoxide
Check for gas leaks
Inspect heat exchanger
Check/adjust burners for proper operation
Test system safety devices
Replace for clean filters
Check all electrical connections
Clean blower and burner compartment
Check flue pipe for bloackage
Check pilot light or ignition system
Visual safety inspection
Check blower motor

Air Conditioner & Heat Pump Maintenance

Clean and check indoor & outdoor coil
Check electrical connections
Check for proper airflow
Clean or replace filter
Check condensate pan and line
Check blower operation
Check thermostat operation
Check temperature ruse/drop
Lubricate motors as needed
Check refrigerant levels if needed

Fireplace Maintenance

Check for gas leaks
Check for exhaust leaking into room
Carbon monoxide test
Clean glass with proper has fireplace cleaner
Check fan operation
Clean and adjust burners
Plain firebox if required
Clean pilot light
Check all millivolt readings
Vaccuum unit
Check safety devices
Check glass seal
Ensure proper log placement
Check for blocked flue

Hot Water Heater Maintenance

Check for gas leaks & water leaks
Drain water to clear out sediment and increase efficiency
Clean burners
Clean debris from bottom of combustion chamber
Clean and adjust pilot light
Check vent

Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV)

Clean filters
Clean interior of unit
Remove and wash heat exchanger core
Check blower motors
Check airflow
Check all controls

Our Pricing

full service 159 + gst
per additional appliance 89 + gst